by Arifah Aronson

let us whisper
and speak of nothing,
and let these words
spill, and mix in the air,

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at the same time

time can be frozen,
and moving
at the same time,
while sitting, pondering
what’s in the reflection


by Arifah



a subtle walk
in gentle feet
with soft hands

and cascading breeze
embracing my seconds
and torn breath

it falls away
into reverent embrace
and humble kiss

"faith" mixed medium on canvas by arifah

“faith” mixed medium on canvas by arifah


“the sun rises from your heart,
and sets right into your heart,
remember its colors.”

a soft fall

there’s a place to fall into
and it’s just before your heart
it has a softness that rolls over my skin
and whispers, “ease”

it is a space where air breathes
and calm falls on my eyelids
my mouth softens, and tongue quiets
and toes loosen on the ground

there is a knowing that pulls your hand
and points to the opening
that is just before your heart
and it beckons you to fall softly

a soft fall

“a soft fall” by arifah. Acrylic on canvas.

time’s promise

“time’s promise”

fingers from another life reach through
lace into this, doing it again and
again, for the promise aches to find
the whisper and time forever meets
time in time



"ordinary" by arifah 12.31.2014

“ordinary” by arifah

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